We are the exclusive sales and service partner in India for Dema Engineering Company. Dema Engineering has been into manufacturing of chemical dispensing equipments in USA from 1956. In India we have introduced DEMA made products for house keeping, foaming, fogging, footwear sanitizing, laundry which can cater to many industries like food & beverages, pharma, car washing, disinfection, water treatment and many more.

    Shakti Sales is into business from past 4 decades with a diverse portfolio of products ranging from Disinfection, Sanitization, Fogging, Chemical Dispensing and Dosing solutions.

    Cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting seem to be something everyone assumes they know how to do properly. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Oftentimes these terms get tossed around loosely and interchangeably, which can lead to confusion and poor execution. Understanding what these terms mean can actually help you understand how to best protect your home, school, and work environments.

    Cleaning: Cleaning a surface removes visible debris, dirt, and dust that harbor germs (often referred to as “biofilm”). Germs hide under organic soil loads like oil from dirty hands and dust particles that naturally land on surfaces.

    Sanitizing: Sanitizing a surface is reducing the number of germs to safe levels, as determined by public health officials. This can be done mechanically with warm water and a cloth (i.e., cleaning), or chemically with diluted products. It isn’t meant to completely kill the pathogens, rather keep them at bay.

    Disinfecting: Disinfecting a surface will actually “kill” the germs and achieve a Log Reduction (more on that later), which kills germs at an exponential level.

    Pro Tip: “You can’t disinfect a dirty surface”, so make sure to clean it first.

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