DEMA 5 Gallon tank Portable Foamer Unit with Wheeled cart is ideal systems for chemical foam washdown and/or sanitation. For use in small agriculture, small food and beverage, vehicle cleaning and industrial applications. Available in permanent wall mount systems, portable hand carry or portable cart units. All foamers are designed to combine air pressure, water and chemical mixture to create the type of clinging foam that is required for most cleaning/sanitation situations. All systems are complete and include needle valve for foam control, discharge hose, foam wands and necessary fittings.

    The 5 Gallon portable foamer offers an innovative new tank design that allows for easy storage and institutional foam cleaning. The non-pressurized tank promotes safety and consistent foam time after time. Perfect for Detail Shops and car wash areas.

  • Draws from pre-mixed solution
  • Powered by compressed air
  • Hinged back plate provides tool-free access to components
  • Quick-change pump
  • Natural color tank for easy visibility of product levels
  • Integrated hose wraps
  • In-line strainer to protect pump from debris
  • Anti-kink hose protection
  • Pull out handle for portability
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial application
  • Food and Beverages
  • Vehicle Cleaning
5 Gallon Compressed Air Foamer User Manual
5 Gallon Compressed Air Foamer Data Sheet

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