Aurora Laundry Dispenser is the newest generation in Laundry dispensing technology from DEMA. Trident enters the “smart device” connection and control era with a forward thinking program using Bluetooth technology for iPhone, iPad, Android devices and PC integration. Use your smart device to write and store programs, get service reports and access data from the Aurora Pro-Access interface module. The Pro-Access controls up to 8 pump stands and locally stores programs, wash data, service notes and reminders. Aurora blends smart device capable technology with the best features of DEMA’s legacy dispensers such as quick change pumps and durable pump gear motors.

    Technology In Your Hands

    Pro-Access Control Module

    • One control module can control up to 8 pump stands
    • Incorporate your logo and brand in full color
    • Easily connects via Bluetooth to smart devices and PCs

    Pro-Select Formula Selector

    • Multi-line display for formula names and load counts

    Modes For All Types Of Laundry Machines:

    • AUTO FORMULA-SELECT: Allows laundry machine microprocessor to choose formula soil classification by sending an appropriate length signal to main control board.
    • RELAY: Allows laundry machine microprocessors to control all functions of the dispenser. Will accept any number of programs sent by the laundry microprocessor.
    • SEQUENCE: Used on non-programmable, fixed time, and older machines that do not have adequate programming functions. Operates by counting drain closings and pumping pre-determined amounts of product at correct drain closing.
    • MANUAL FORMULA-SELECT: 9 formula keypads allow non-microprocessor laundry machines to have specific formulas for various soil classifications. Both keypads have bleach defeat and emergency stop buttons.

    Industry Leading Pumps

    Aurora is ahead of the product curve in every way, including use of our continually trusted and well known quick change pumps. Capable of using two different size pumps at the same time, DEMA QC blue pumps can pump up to 16 ounces (475 ml) per minute using the standard pump or 50 ounces (1480 ml) per minute with the large version.

Cooming Soon
  • Programming on board or with Smart Device/PC via Bluetooth connection
  • DIN rail mounting for installation speed
  • ABS enclosure with formula-select keypad and display
  • Modular design that accommodates from 2-10 pumps (9 pumps with a flush manifold)
  • Pro-Access controller capable of controlling up to 8 separate pump stands
  • Optional Pro-Select formula remote with multi-line display for user formula selection
  • Data collection and reporting through DEMA Connect app available on the App Store or Google Play store
  • Aurora Connect (also known as STU) for connecting chemical supply signals on laundry machine
  • Two quick change pump options for regular or large volume
  • Multiple tube options to handle virtually any chemistry
  • Quick connect John Guest or barb connection options
  • 100-250 VAC 50/60 Hz with auto-switching power supply
  • 24 VDC 105 rpm gear motors

On-Premise and Commercial Laundry System

Aurora Instruction Sheet

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