844P Atlas Premium OPL and Commercial Laundry System is the premier on-premise laundry system with a unique modular design that provides easy addition of up to 7 pumps for greater flexibility. Atlas can accommodate 2 different pump sizes to handle an array of machines, capacities and applications. Choose between the industry-proven standard Quick Change Blue Pump for 16 ounce (475 ml) per minute or the Large Blue QC Pump for 50 ounces (1480 ml) per minute.

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  • AUTO FORMULA-SELECT: Allows laundry machine microprocessor to choose formula soil classification by sending an appropriate length signal to main control board.
  • RELAY: Allows laundry machine microprocessors to control all functions of the dispenser. Will accept any number of programs sent by the laundry microprocessor.
  • SEQUENCE: Used on non-programmable, fixed time, and older machines that do not have adequate programming functions. Operates by counting drain closings and pumping pre-determined amounts of product at correct drain closing.
  • MANUAL FORMULA-SELECT: 9 formula keypads allow non-microprocessor laundry machines to have specific formulas for various soil classifications. Both keypads have bleach defeat and emergency stop buttons.
  • ABS enclosure with formula-select keypad and display
  • Modular design that accommodates from 2-7 pumps (6 pumps with a flush manifold)
  • Two quick change pump options for regular or large volume
  • Multiple tube options to handle virtually any chemistry
  • Quick connect John Guest or barb connection options
  • 100-265 VAC 50/60 Hz with auto-switching power supply
  • 24 VDC 105 rpm gear motors
  • Optional USM formula remote for user formula selection
  • Separate stand alone EDSM remote for programming and formula storage plus can be used for formula selection
  • Data collection and reporting capable through optional Data Grip (can be used for programming/formula selection)

On-Premises Laundry

Commercial Laundry


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