The new Footwear Sanitizing unit adds an additional layer of pathogen protection for Food processing facilities, Nutraceutical plants, Pharmaceutical plants, Clinical research labs and Clean rooms by reducing cross-contamination from footwear before employees enter the production area or other critical control zones.

    This foot-operated footwear sanitizing unit uses compressed air to deliver an atomized mist of Shoe Sanitizer onto footwear soles. This mist provides ample coverage to footwear soles, yet uses only 0.2 oz/5.91 mL of chemical which minimizes chemical waste and improves moisture control. Collection basin is easily accessed for cleaning.

  • Easy-to-use sanitation for entryways and transition zones
  • Low-moisture system
  • Air-operated pump delivers a consistent amount of sanitizer (0.2 oz/5.91 mL) per spray
  • Spray pattern ensures even coverage across shoe sole
  • Collection basin is easy to access or swap out for cleaning
  • Spray guard prevents overspray
  • Draws from pre-mixed solution
  • Includes 2.5 gallon jug with suction hose
  • Food processing facilities
  • Nutraceutical plants
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Clinical research labs
  • Clean rooms
  • Operation Theatres
Footwear Sanitizing Unit User Manual
Footwear Sanitizing Unit Data Sheet

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