2L10X Pump-up Foamer is a handy foam cleaning equipment for all your daily needs. It produces thick foam and uses very less chemical with 2 litres of water. The foam can reach those areas where our hands cannot reach. Very handy and easy to use for all cleaning solutions.

    The tank is made up of Polypropelene material with tip in PVDF and Piston in Stainless Steel which can easily handle all kinds of chemicals. Just pour the chemical in it and pump up the unit and start foaming.

  • Compact unit with manual pump
  • Maximum portability for small jobs and spot cleaning
  • Comfortable grip handle with trigger for quick on/off control
  • Pressure relief valve for safety
  • Viton seals for chemical compatibility
  • Natural color tank for easy visibility of product levels
  • Spot Cleaning
  • House Keeping
  • Car Cleaning
  • Food and Beverages
2L10X Pump-up Foam User Manual
2L10X Pump-up Foam Product Broucher

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